Tips for buying a Guitar for an early level student

Guitar Purchasing Tip Sheet

Here are five tips on choosing a guitar for the early stages:

1. Acoustic or electric? With narrower bodies and less string tension, electric guitars are the easier to play.

2. Use the “elbow rule”: if the head of the guitar comes to the student’s elbow while both are standing, it fits.

3. Financial interest: Parents of adolescents should consider buying the best instrument within their budget and letting the student buy the amp and gadgets.

4. Be partial to fractional sized instruments. Young teens get along well with the folk size guitar from Beaver Creek. The soundboard is the same size as a classical, meaning it fits with all social playing situations, but the body has reduced thickness.

5. Invest in the accessories. A good case / gig bag protects your main investment, as does a guitar stand. The next generation of clip-on tuners are light enough to leave on the headstock.

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