Tips for singing in a band

Summer is a great time to try new things, such as as surfing, rock climbing, and singing in a band! What could possibly go wrong? Here are five tips to help young singers start on the right note.

5. Memorize the lyrics. At least the first verse and certainly the chorus! If you need a music stand, bring your own to the gig, tape the lyrics down for outdoor performances, and set the stand to the side while you sing. It shouldn’t be obvious you’re reading the lyrics. “Good music is memorized music.”

4. Know why you’re singing. Take the time to understand the message / point of the song. As actors immerse themselves in roles, great singers get into their parts. This liberates you to sing with expression, which is exciting! Energize the stage with movement, gestures, facial expressions and the occasional spontaneous shout.

3. Stay engaged in the instrumental breaks. In your own way, bust a move during the interludes. Eyes should be on the guitar or piano player soloing and remember to count the bars so you can re-enter on time.

2. Prepare the commentaries. Know your bandmates’ names and introduce them after the first segment. And, oh, don’t look at the drummer if the mic is still in the stand – no one will hear what you’re saying. Let the audience know about your next show. Also, let the audience/MC know when your last song is starting.

1. Make friends with the mics and monitors. Be consistent in mic placement. For most smaller venues, the main speakers are the monitors, but if given the chance, take the time to ensure you can hear yourself and the other instruments.

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