Music Exam Results

Music Exam Results are in

Music performance exam results for this studio’s candidates with the London College of Music are in. Congratulations to all candidates on earning their qualifications! Students were tested on Electric Guitar, Rock Guitar and Drum Set. Marks ranged from 77 to 89%, which includes Merit and Distinction ratings.

Modern International Music Content

Rick Imus Music Studio uses London College of Music (established in 1888) and its guitar department, Registry of Guitar Tutors, because of its contemporary content and approach. “There are real life skills for the modern musician, such as accompaniment, melody playing, and improvisation,” says director Rick Imus. “Just about everything on the test is something we’ll need on stage or in the studio.”

The studio has been sending students to LCM / RGT exams since 2006. “Every mark is earned, and musicality is always rewarded,” continues Imus.

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Next Exam Sessions

Some LCM / RGT exams are available year-round via submission by video recording. Live, in-person exams in Canada are conducted in June each year. Exams for classical piano, violin and nylon string acoustic guitar are available three times per year in Ontario through the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Popular Music Theory Exams are available in November, with an entry date of mid-August. Call 905-864-1775 for details.


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