Air Guitar National Championships

Air Guitar Canadian Championships

Last night’s Canadian Air Guitar Championships demonstrate the importance of creativity in performance. Let’s break down the elements for the past three Canadian Champions: Canadian Tuxedo, Phoenix, and Dana-Sauras Rex.

Stage Name

To determine your Air Guitar Stage Name, take the name of your first childhood pet and the street name you grew up on…. no, wait. That’s a different blog. Pick something you like the sound of that gives you flexibility to change themes. It could include a reference to your name, location, or preferred delusion of grandeur. Make sure it’s easy to be heard over a PA system.

Costume and Props

Think theater here: makeup, wigs, layers of clothes, animal or mythical creatures, hats, portable flashpots and props including food or beverage or equipment suitable for the song.


You have 60 seconds, so plan out your staging and moves. Guitar flips? Amp cranking? Occasional air drumming? Make it exciting.

Plan your Entrance and Stick the Landing

Enter from the back of the audience, use a scripted introduction, or bring your entourage. Struck a pose at the end so the judges know you’re done.

Congratulations to 2018 Champ Dana-Sauras Rex, who will represent Canada at the Worlds in Finland next month.

Air Guitar 2018 Curtain Call

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