Tips for Repairs to Music Gear

Five Tips for Instrument Repairs

In association with AC~DC Music Gear Restorations, Rick Imus Music Studio now offers repairs, maintenance and custom work for instruments, amplifiers, and sound systems.
  Here are five tips for using a repair or custom service:
1. Find the cheapest solution first. Sometimes, replacing a battery, trying a different power outlet, or tightening a washer is all it takes.
2. Bundle and save time. Before calling, think about other items that might need servicing. For example, an amp might be sounding fuzzy, while a guitar is due for new strings. Save time with one drop off and pickup.
3. Call first. Call us at 905-864-1775 to give us a heads up. Sometimes, remedies can be provided in response to the description.
4. Take pictures. If there’s a special situation, or if you’re looking for information before bringing an item in, send us a picture and we can start the process.
5. Size up the downtime. Whether you’re going after a custom look, some basic maintenance, or an essential repair, consider the quote and turnaround time and try to keep your instrument’s downtime to a minimum.
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