Sleep Advice for Musicians

Sound Sleeping Advice for Musicians
Autumn has arrived bringing cooler and drier weather. Some say it’s Sweater Weather, but also Slumber Weather (TM), even before setting our clocks back. Musicians are often expected to be on well into the night, meaning we should be fresh on stage or in the studio. Here are five notes on how to rest like a musician any time of year:
1. Power nap.  Fifteen to 30 minutes works for most. Set an alarm so you can rest confidently.
2. Stay hydrated. Singers in particular should keep water handy – a little before sleep and a little more after.
3. Sleep is for the creative. Don’t set aside the connection between dreaming and improvising. Enjoy the ride!
4. Take a load off your mind. Write out your concerns and a To Do List for the following day. Also, if you have a song stuck in your head, listen to the entire song. The brain is drawn to unfinished things.
5. Invest in comfort. Ear plugs, humidifiers (you have these already, right?) and sleep masks all have their place. Resting well is time well spent.

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