Road Trip FAQ’s

 2019 International Road Trip FAQ 


  1. Are students required to be in bands to travel? No. Some students are “self-contained” acts, such as violinists, pianists, and singer-guitarists. Other students, such as singers or jazz guitarists, may have a teacher accompanist. 
  1. My son/daughter is not currently in the ensemble program. Why are we getting this information now? Band members for local shows are not always available for road trips. Students from the eligible list will need sufficient notice to get familiar with the itinerary and make arrangements for the pre-trip performances and travel dates. 
  1. Is receiving this Road Trip Info an offer to travel on the trip? Not necessarily. In certain cases, auditions may be required. That being said, bands that perform locally are invited to travel intact.   
  1. Are Mature Students eligible? Yes. 
  1. My son/daughter is in the ensemble program, but will be building an orphanage in a third world country during the Road Trip dates. When do the band members transition? After early June, the focus will shift to students travelling on the Road Trip. Until then, continue to rehearse/perform/compose with the current band lineup. 
  1. How many songs are required from each student band? Generally, eight. 
  1. Will the students be travelling together? No. To date, there has been no interest in travelling by common carrier (e.g., bus or train). Parents like to drive or fly on their own schedule. We’ll meetup at the first event on the itinerary. 
  1. If I’m flying in, will you drive my instrument? Space permitting, sure. 
  1. Is there a host hotel? No. The trend recently has been for families to independently book their accommodations 

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