Piano and Drums for young students

For students aged five to seven, we recommend piano or drums as a first instrument.

For both instruments, the technique is the same for both hands.

While the piano uses small motor skills, there is a clear relationship between direction and pitch: left is lower and right is higher. The instrument is easy activate: press a key to create a sound.

The drums use large motor skills for all four limbs. Each drum creates its own tone colour or timbre. Again, the instrument is easy to activate: strike the drum or cymbal with the stick to create sounds.

Digital keyboards are relatively easy to purchase, as many models are under $300. They’re also easy to maintain as they do not require tuning or regulation. Controlling the volume is easy on a digital piano as well.

Digital drum sets have the advantage of volume control, as well. This allows students to practise at comfortable and healthy decibel levels and conveniently play along with recordings.

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