How to have the best online music lesson experience

To have the best live online music lesson experience, let’s take a look at points to consider.

1.Acknowledge the emailed video link. A quick reply with, “Got it,” works. Also consider adding family members to the email list for your family. When two or three family members receive the video link, it increases the chances of the student making the appointed time. Also, consider having it sent to work and personal addresses as well as adding it to an online calendar so that a reminder is sent.

2. Set up your broadcast center. Focus the camera on your hands for piano, guitar, drums, violin. Singing students, well, ok, upper body is fine. Use headphones to control feedback. Use a music stand as you would in a lesson or performance. Have your sheet music and books ready.

3. Smile when you log in! Get those endorphins going early in the lesson. Give the audio a moment to follow. Remember the usual courtesies in a lesson, such as not plugging in an electric guitar with the amp on. JS.

4. Expect a routine activity at the start of the lesson. For guitar, it might be find the note of the week on each string. For piano, it might be a position check and a quick game of find that note.

5. Help the teacher out. Be comfortable pointing out if the teacher’s mute is on or if you can’t see the Chat Box.

6. Following the lesson, look for emailed summaries and sheet music. For lessons taught by Department Heads, this is done at the end of the shift. Practise with the recordings, backing tracks on metronomes during the week.

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