Practising Music at Home Tips

We help students reach their musical goals through progressive private lesson and dynamic programs. For this to happen, students need to practise…at home…with others at home. Here are our top three tips for practising in fully occupied house.

3. Use headphones. For digital pianos, electric guitars, digital drums, and even electric violin, these are clear options. When possible, invest in comfortable headphones or ear buds for use in your online live video music lessons.

2. Choose the off-hours. Plan your practise time for vocals or acoustic piano when you know someone will be stepping out to go to the grocery store or walk the dog.

  1. Lean into it with others. Use household, community, and construction noise to mask your decibel levels. For example, Saturday at 7:00PM is Make Noise for Essential Workers time, so bookend it with practise time on drums, singing and acoustic piano. Cheers to a joyful noise!

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