Online Live Music Sync Tips

Here are tips for online live music syncing. Let the more experienced player begin and play steady.

Looking to have a musical collaborative experience, live online?

Let’s say there are two musicians in an online video meeting and they want to play “together”. Of course there is latency or lag, but they can still be productive. Here are our online sync tips:

  1. Let the more experienced player take the lead. Not necessarily lead, as in guitar solos and fills, but have the more experienced player (A) play the first two to four bars. Then let the junior player (B) begin.
  2. Player (A) stays as steady as possible. There will be distracting lag, but not as bad as trying to adjust speeds.
  3. Player (B) is to adjust to sync his/her side of the signal. This relies on player A being Steady Eddie.
  4. General tips: for both players/singers – play as soft as you can get away with. Wear headphones. Be mindful of sight-lines so everyone can make eye contact.

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