Resuming In-Studio Lessons FAQ

While we have a plan, the start date for resuming in-studio lessons is to be determined.


Resuming In-Studio Lessons FAQ

When can we resume in-studio lessons?

While we have a plan, the start date for resuming in-studio lessons is to be determined.

Is there a plan to resume in-studio lessons?

The plan for resuming the in-studio format for private music lessons is for students to see teachers in-person no more frequently every two weeks. The Summer Schedule and Studio Calendar now have weeks designated A or B Weeks.

What are the options for students?

Students will select either:

  1. All Online Live lessons format ,
  2. 50% In-Studio / 50% Online Live formats, or
  3. 100% In-Studio format (extended lessons, alternate weeks)

Naturally, the All Online Live students take regular duration lessons each week. This will be the default selection.

Students on the 50 / 50 plan would take In-Studio in Week A’s and Online Live Week B’s.

Students on the 100% In-Studio plan would have extended lessons (say, 30 minutes extended to 60 minutes) on Week A of the A/B cycle.

When are the potential In-Studio Weeks?

The following four weeks are designated A Weeks and are, subject to approval, In-Studio Weeks:

Mon July 6 – Sat July 11

Mon July 20 – Sat July 25

Tues Aug 4 – Fri Aug 7

Tues Aug 18 – Fri Aug 21

Are students committed to the selected format for July/August/beyond?

Students may change formats. Part of our plan is equipping In-Studio teachers available to teach online from the campus. Dates may be added or deleted based on enrollment.

How can physical distancing be maintained in the lesson rooms?

Due to the greater space required per lesson, we’ll be re-staging our instruction areas. We’ll be operating under capacity and so temporary satellite campuses may be used. Singers and woodwinds, which require approximately double the physical distancing area, will be assigned to a satellite campus. Though the specifics of Public Health protocols change frequently, we will use the directives announced by Halton Health.

Will scheduling be affected?

Possibly. Weeknights 5:30 – 8:00PM will offered to 30 minute 50/50 students as a priority. Alternate appearance students will start or end a teacher’s shift. Time required for sanitary wipe downs and drying or room changes will be used within lesson duration for the sake of order.

While teacher availability is subject to change, we will continue to provide professional music instructors based on skill sets and experience.

How will students be advised when In-Studio lessons resume?

You will see a note IS (In-Studio) on your emailed lesson link.

Anything fun happening this summer?

Summer Concert Night is Monday, August 31. In keeping with our tradition, it will be at an outdoor venue. Also, PorchFest Milton runs Sunday, September 13.


To clarify, the online live format is in effect until further notice. Start date resuming in-studio lessons format will be announced after best practices measures are in place.

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