Shooting a Music Video

Shooting a music involves lots of organization.

Acton band, EvenSong, recently shot a music video. Here’s how it went down.

The Acton Town Hall was booked for the session. Though the drummer could not attend in person, he recorded his drum parts with a guide piano at his cottage and sent it to the attending band members.

The band members sang and performed live to the backing track and the sum was recorded by three cameras each targeting a different section of the hall. For example, Camera One was on the singer and bass player, Camera Two was on the piano and rhythm guitarist, Camera Three was on lead guitar.

The band made an effort to look natural.

The lead guitarist turned his back on the camera quite a bit during solos and breaks, hiding the fact that the fills and solos were improvised and nearly impossible to reproduce.

For EvenSong, the video will debut Sat Aug 8 at the Leathertown Festival.