Now Offering Online Music Lessons

Strum your way to new heights with live online music lessons facilitated by our award-winning music school.

Our lessons will make you feel like you’re still in the studio. Play along with your teacher while never missing a beat. Learn in real-time with immediate feedback and musical exchanges. We use various visual tools to connect you with your instructor:

  • High-quality video conferencing
  • Chat box messaging
  • Screen shares
  • Audio examples

Lessons range from piano lessons to vocal lessons or have your pick of other exciting instruments like the violin, drums, guitar and saxophone. We’re offering all our usual lessons online for any age or skill level.

Get started or continue the journey to becoming a musical prodigy! Here’s why you should choose our music school:

Secure Online Lessons

  • Get a unique passcode to access your online lessons.
  • Peace of mind that lessons are secure.

Stay Harmonized with Our Portal

  • Losing music sheets are a thing of the past.
  • Access lesson materials in one place.
  • Stay organized with our lesson portal.

Never Miss a Beat Online

  • Technology can hit speed bumps.
  • We’ll honour lost lesson time due to internet connectivity issues. Conditions apply.

Convenient Lessons, Without the Traffic

  • No more rushing to music lessons after school or work.
  • Cut down on travel time and focus on your learning.
  • Complete lessons anywhere you have an internet connection.

Get Involved in Your Child’s Learning

  • Monitor your child’s learning.
  • Get an inside look at their progression.
  • Keep them on track.

Flexible Scheduling

  • Unique scheduling needs? No problem.
  • Learn in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings.
  • Take lessons once a week, twice a week or more.

See if Playing an Instrument Strikes a Chord with You

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a musical instrument now’s the time. Impress your friends or feel the satisfaction of mastering a new skill.

Keep your kids busy with a productive activity. Our patient and knowledgeable music teachers will be there with your child every step of the way.

Try our online music lessons; you’ll be glad you did.

Book your online music lessons today!