Guitar Lessons Milton, Acton & Campbellville

Learn Your Favourite Songs on Guitar!

Guitar is our studio’s most popular instrument!

Recommended ages: 7 and older

Short fingernails on the fretting hand are required.

Instruction on electric, steel string acoustic, electric bass, ukulele (uke) and nylon string (classical) available.

Need help in selecting a guitar? Our staff can offer advice in choosing a model, including 3/4 size instruments from our showroom. Our rent-to-own program is simple: divide the purchase price by 10 for your monthly rental fee.

Students will learn songs using standard notation, guitar tabs, and/or chord charts, as determined by the interest of the student and the discretion of the instructor.

Flat pick or fingerstyle instruction available.

Preparation for bass, ukulele, classical, steel string acoustic and electric guitar exams available.

Bands in our award-winning ensemble program have guitars!

Recent road trips for guitar-centered destinations include National Guitar Museum in New York and Nashville’s Acoustic Pickin’ Party.

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