Tips for a Second Instrument this Summer

Summer is a great time to learn a second instrument. Here are five tips for learning a second instrument this July and August. It could be any dynamic duo for you, but vocals-guitar; vocals-piano; violin-piano; and drums-piano seem to be common pairings.

5. Transfer your skills. Remember to apply what your learned on your primary instrument: rhythms, intervals, playing in time.

4. Focus on technique. You probably have a solid foundation of how music works, so zone in on the physical development. Try songs from your first instrument. This is a fun exercise! See if you play an early song from your primary instrument on your summer instrument. On the flip side, when you re-visit the song on your initial axe, notice how you creative it seems. Remember the basics of stretching and cooling down.

3. Set a short-term goal. For example, perform a song at a concert after 6-8 weeks. BTW, our Summer Concert is Thursday, August 24 in Milton. After you reach your goals, consider setting a new target, such a concert using both instruments,

2. Get a quality instrument. Many hand-me-downs are in good condition, or they might be a clean-up or string change away from ideal. Ask your teacher or student advisor for input on purchasing or rentals.

1. Put in the time. Think incubator: get your hours in as soon as you can to establish good habits that you can build on.

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