Tips for Daily Practising

Five Tips for Daily Practising
SeptemberĀ is a great time to start great habits, such as daily practising. Here are five tips for getting ready for your next lesson:
5. Set the stage. Keep your guitar on a stand instead of in its case. Keep the piano clear of “stuff.” Have a music stand for vocals or violin. Have your drumming footwear by the set. Make it easy to remind yourself to practise.
4. Inch by inch, it’s a cinch. Write in bar numbers for the entire song, then work on phrases before working on the whole song or assignment.
3. Schedule your practise time. Make an appointment with yourself, preferably at the same time each day. Practising a few minutes in the morning has significant advantages.
2. Learn to practise away from your instrument. Visualizing and mentally rehearsing your songs and assignments are very nearly as effective as actually sounding the instrument. Standing in line or riding a bus? You can memorize lyrics, review chord progressions, ghost bowing directions, shadow fingering patterns, or air drum.
1. Put first things first. Practise the technical topics (scales, chords, warm-ups, rudiments) before applying them to new songs. Try to finish your session on a positive, such as reviewing a favourite piece. Make a note of what to work on at your next session.

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