Canada Day

Canada Day and the arts

Happy Canada Day all our Canadian students and families! This is a country that reveres the arts, so we hope that artistic expression can be included in your recreational time this weekend.

Canada flag anthem music

“Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?” is the Gabrielle Roy quote on the $20 bill.

Our anthem is a song

It seems obvious, but our national anthem is a musical composition. O Canada is 28 bars in common time, designed to rouse patriot hearts of Canadians at home or abroad. Its range is about an octave, similar to Happy Birthday, making it available to almost everyone.


O Canada should be in all experienced musicians’ repertoire. If you haven’t done so already, it’s a good time to learn this song.

Here’s our fearless leader performing O Canada on the acoustic guitar a short drive from Milton and Campbellville:




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