Signage on Bronte Street

Signage on Bronte Street

Summer’s coming to a close and people are looking to make music lessons a part of their fall routine. So we’ll do our part in telling you about ourselves and what we do by putting additional signage up along Bronte Street near our Milton Campus.

We want you to see the sign and at least quickly decode “music,” “Rick …something” and “Bronte Street.” If you get that, you can search us and get to the 905-864-1775 part.


Of course, we hope you were mindful of traffic while you read our sign!

In case you’re wondering,

Piano includes digital keyboards,

Gtr means guitar, acoustic, electric, classical/nylon string, bass, and ukulele.

Drums means drum set, acoustic and digital.

Voc means vocals or singing, in any style.

Vln means violin or fiddle, or cello.

Call 905-864-1775 today!



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