Proper Care and Feeding of a Music School Director

Proper Care and Feeding of a

Music School Director

Friends, it’s the calm before the storm, so it’s the perfect time for a Music School Director to vent before disappointments turn into frustration. As a business, it works well if we “fire” 3% of our customers. Here’s how to avoid being in that group:

  1. Keep conversations in our waiting room brief and suitable for all audiences. Also, spare us any medical information. And leave popcorn at home.
  2. Don’t ask for a makeup when you call us on the same day as your lesson.
  3. When you answer a call from our business with, “Hi, [name]” because you have the magic power of Caller ID, don’t expect any warm fuzzies in our conversation.
  4. Don’t abuse the washrooms. Someone has to go in there next.
  5. The subject line of your email should never be your child’s name only. It just looks like a Stephen King title when you do that. Kindly add a word or two about the topic. e.g., Sally – away Thursday.
  6. Keep your text messages short. Anything longer than two lines should be replaced with, “Can you take a call?”
  7. Don’t hover over your child’s private lesson.

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