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2019 Mid-Winter Concert Night will take place on: 

Saturday, January 26 at historic Willow Hall, Acton Town Hall, 19 Willow St North 


When will students perform? 

Concerts are scheduled for 7:00 and 8:15PM. Students will be assigned to perform in one of these concerts. Concerts are approximately 60 minutes. Drummers and vocalists will be required to attend a technical rehearsal before their concert and may be required to provide devices and audio files for backing tracks. Private lessons will be held on the regular schedule the day of the concert. 


What songs will be played? 

Students will perform songs they have studied in their private lessons. Songs may be unaccompanied, or with the accompaniment of their teacher or backing tracks. 


Where can we buy tickets? Is there a participation fee? 

Tickets can be purchased at the door. General admission is $10. Purchases at the door are cash only. Youth 14 and younger are free. Performers do not need tickets for shows they are performing in. As stated in our studio policies, receiving confirmation of participation in a Concerts Week is considered a half-hour of private lesson time redeemed. Your account will be charged 30 minutes of instruction time at the time of confirmation to perform. A Promo Code may be applied. Vocal students may need to book the services of an accompanist. For piano students, an acoustic piano or professional digital keyboard will be provided. Students are to submit availability forms by Thursday, January 17. 


Will photos be taken? 

Consistent with our studio policies, photos may be taken by the studio or local press and published for promotional and/or nostalgic purposes. A printed program may be provided including first and last names of students. 


Is performing mandatory for students? Are there volunteer opportunities? 

Participation is encouraged, but optional. Mid-Winter Concerts Night is intended for students who did not participate in the Winter Concerts week. The next studio-wide performance events are New Music Concert on Sunday, April 7 and Spring Concert Weekends June 2-9. Pre- and post- concert volunteer opportunities are available for most ages and skill sets. 


Sounds great! What are the next steps? 

Complete the attached form and return it to administration or the envelope on a campus corkboard. A Performer Confirmation Sheet (green) will be provided soon after Thursday, January 17. It will explain directions, parking, what to wear, arrival times, and other useful notes. 


——– ——————————  ——————————- ————————–————- 


To be returned to admin staff or cork board envelope by Thu Jan 17 

Student name(s): _______________________________ Instrument(s): __________________ 


Terms on the FAQ sheet have been read and accepted Office use only: PLR adjusted  

Promo Code: ____ 

Availability (check all that apply):  

Sat Jan 26 Acton Town Hall           performance               volunteer info requested     

Not available to perform at Mid-Winter Concerts Night 

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