Why Try-It Lessons?

We offer Try-It lessons for our music program. A Try-It lesson is a no obligation lesson. Register after the first lesson (hurray!) and that counts as your first lesson. If, for whatever reason, we missed the mark, we’ll offer you an alternative Try-It lesson (maybe a different instruction book, day of the week, etc.)

Current students can book a Try-It lesson on an additional instrument/discipline. For example, say piano is happening for you, but you’d like to try singing. We’ll setup a Try-It lesson for you with one of our vocal instructors. Or, say want to add drums to your violin portfolio. We can book you on the drumset and show you what to expect when you register.

Try-It lessons may be a little shorter than 30 minutes because parents and students often have questions when they are beginners, or are new to us.

We call them Try-It lessons because they are active and fun! If we said trial, it would sound like the student is taking the stand – and that’s the opposite of fun.

Book your Try-It lesson today! 905-864-1775

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