Frequently Asked Questions about Online Music Lessons at RIMS:

How do we log into the meeting? 

We’ll email you a link with a Meeting ID and 6 digit password. 

Does anything need to be downloaded? 

For mobile devices, downloading the Zoom app may be necessary. For laptops, there is a “Launch in new browser tab” option (after clicking “Launch Here.”) 

How much preparation time is needed? 

Prior to your first internet lesson, plan 10-15 minutes ahead of time. Kindly prepare your regular instrument, print music and accessories.  Wearing headphones or earbuds eliminates feedback for the instructor, but may not be necessary. Bonus marks for using a separate microphone. Less prep time is required after the first online lesson. 

Where do we position the camera? 

Singers and woodwinds are to frame the student’s head and shoulders. 

Guitar and violin : on the neck of the instrument, including the nut 

For pianists : over the left shoulder, so the keys can be seen. The teacher should be able to see the white between the black keys. 

For drummers : over the left shoulder, so the drums and pedals can be seen. 

What if our family shares one instrument or device? 

Let us know so we can schedule the students consecutively or on different days. 

Can we join the scheduled meeting early just to test the connection? 

Yes. You will be placed in the waiting room, which will not interrupt the teacher’s current lesson.  

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