Tech Try-Its for Music Lessons

It’s supposed to be serious, but it turns into kinda fun. Our Tech Try-It sessions help keep music lesson time focused on progress.

A Tech Try-It “lesson” is a 15 minute appointment designed to solve and troubleshoot technical issues for online live music lessons.

Our studio will book an online meeting by email, as we would an online live music lesson, so you know what to expect getting to a lesson.

During the appointment, we’ll provide direction on video and audio settings and show you some of the features of our platform that engage learning and support practising between lessons.

Tech Try-Its may be for prospective students seeking confidence about online live learning. Of course, they are also for current students experiencing less than optimal connectivity.

Our studio books Tech Try-It appointments so we can focus on creating a great environment for communication without pressure to progress musically. Appointments are often book in off-hours. Call 905-864-1775 today!

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