Digital and acoustic pianos

Thinking of acquiring a digital or acoustic piano for lessons? Let’s see what each has to offer.

Acoustic pianos have an inherent aesthetic beauty. They’re made of wood and take a prominent space on the main floor. Maybe there’s a story to tell with the instrument, as well.

Digital pianos are low profile. Many are portable and can be moved into another room in the house for privacy or to be nearer the router for online live video lessons.

Acoustic pianos need to be tuned by a professional at least once per year.

Digital pianos can have their volume adjusted with a dial or by using headphones.

Acoustic pianos have no natural regulator of volume, other than by playing it softer.

Digital keyboards have multiple tone colours available, which can shake up the lesson routine.

A lot to consider, but we can help you in your quest for the right instrument for your piano lessons with us.

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