Exams for Electric Guitar and Drums

Exams for electric guitar and drums will be conducted in a video format this season.

The London College of Music and its guitar department, Registry of Guitar Tutors, offers accreditation for Canadian candidates.

There will be no in-person exams this season. Instead, candidates may submit their performances by audio or videorecording to earn an equivalent Performance Award. The standards for evaluation by recording will be higher than in-person exams.

Electric guitar candidates, for example, will strum two progressions from the Chaz Hart Rhythm Guitar Playing series and solo over two progressions from the Lead Guitar Playing series.

The LCM is considering online live exams format, but has yet to make an announcement.

Rick Imus Music Studio has been helping students achieve qualifications, including diplomas, with London College of Music and Registry of Guitar Tutors since 2006.

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